School Profile


Tracy Robinson, Headmaster
Connie Peeler, Grammar Principal
Mark Maier, Logic/Rhetoric Principal
Abby Pulley, Guidance Counselor

School Facts

High School Code:   341814
PS- 12th Grade Enrollment:   515
First Graduating Class:   2006
Total Number of HCA Graduates:   427
H.S. Teachers:  13 Full-Time, 2 Part-Time
High School Enrollment:  116
Teachers with College Degrees:  100%
High School Class Size Limit:   22
HS Teacher/Student Ratio:  1 to 16
Graduates Attending 4 Year College:  88%
Calendar:   176 days
Tuition for High School:  $8846
$200,000+ Annual Tuition Assistance

Membership & Accreditation

Association of Classical Christian Schools
Membership:   May  1997
Accredited:  June  2015
National Council for Private Schools
Accredited:  July 2022

Purpose Statement

Hickory Christian Academy exists to glorify God by providing an authentic Classical Christian education to Christian families who are raising their children to love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. Mark 12:30

A Classical Christian Approach

Hickory Christian Academy provides a unique education with the goal of developing "thinkers" who are equipped to be competent problem solvers, servant leaders, and wise communicators of all that is true, beautiful, and good. This education is delivered in a grace-filled environment encompassing a strong sense of community and high regard for each individual student.  Of paramount importance is the condition of a student's soul; therefore, Jesus Christ, the One who fully embodies truth, beauty, and goodness is exalted, honored, and magnified in all things.

When selecting a curriculum, HCA thoughtfully integrates original sources and quality textbooks while relying on the teachers to impart a Christian Worldview into the content. This approach demonstrates respect for the study of liberal arts and the "great books" while emphasizing a relational approach to learning - ultimately pointing to the necessity of a personal relationship with the living God and a vital understanding of His Holy Word. Fine arts, athletics, and extracurricular activities are a robust part of the overall Classical Christian education.

With its excellent teachers, quality curriculum, Trivium methodology, and resolute Christian worldview, HCA gives students an academically rigorous, comprehensive and relevant education - a truly authentic Classical Christian Education.