Our Classical Approach

HCA’s chosen methodology is Classical Christian education. We believe the classical method is best for students as it focuses on how they naturally develop. Using the centuries-old method of education known as the Trivium, it divides the teaching methods into three major stages: Grammar (K-5), Logic (6-8), and Rhetoric (9-12).


The Grammar Stage

In this stage, students are taught the fundamental facts and rules of each subject in order to optimize their capacity for learning and critical thinking.


The Logic Stage

The logic stage capitalizes on the student’s love of challenging ideas, debating and finding holes in communication.

The Rhetoric Stage

Rhetoric students strive to express themselves. They are taught how to communicate clearly in written and verbal forms.


Portrait of an HCA Graduate

The Classical Christian educational experience at Hickory Christian Academy trains and equips each student to live a Christ-honoring life, with a biblical worldview, in brotherhood with fellow believers, resisting an ever-increasingly hostile spiritual culture. Through the Classical disciplines, students will gain the habits of mind and heart, to instill in them a love and desire for that which is proven to be true, good, and beautiful in this world. Ultimately, a young adult, strong in his faith, and able to intellectually engage with the world around him, will be someone who is equipped to influence his culture and bring glory to Jesus with his life (Galatians 1:24).