Hickory Christian Academy believes it is critical to have an outside source of accountability – one who will objectively look at our school and give us honest feedback about our strengths and weaknesses.  We also prefer this accountability to come from a Christian source and one who knows and promotes Classical thought.  As a result, we have chosen membership in the Association of Classical and Christian Schools since 1997, and have been fully accredited by the ACCS since 2015.  We believe the ACCS holds a higher standard of academic and spiritual excellence than most other accrediting organizations and provides us with the motivation and accountability necessary to accomplish the mission and vision given to us by the Lord.  To learn more about ACCS, click here.



In addition, HCA also gained full accreditation status from the National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA) in the spring of 2023. The NCPSA is a consortium of accrediting organizations for the recognition of early childhood, elementary, and secondary private schools, established in 1993. The NCPSA provides leadership and advocacy as the leader in private school accreditation, recognizing quality school accrediting organizations. The NCPSA supports private school member accreditors whose accreditation protocol includes published standards of excellence, peer review, and continuous school improvement. And the NCPSA recognizes, encourages, and improves the quality and development of educational research activities, services, and opportunities related to accreditation. To learn more about NCPSA, click here.