Logic Stage

Grades 6th - 8th

The Logic Stage is 6th – 8th grades (around 11-13 years old). At this stage of life, children are naturally argumentative and inquisitive. They generally question what they are told, and want it proven. In Logic (or Dialectic) Stage, we introduce the academic discipline of Logic, or the Art of Thinking.

In today’s world of thinking with our emotions, and relying on news sites and social media for information, it is critical that our students learn to think properly, and to process information in a structured manner that can be easily traced back to truths or falsehoods.


This is enhanced with the understanding that the Holy Scriptures are eternal truths from God Himself, but also with effective use of the brain that He gave us.

We will teach students how to decipher fallacies and truth tables to bolster their argument, as well as train them to formally debate, equipped with the tools to think properly and with facts as their foundation, as opposed to modern arguing, which is based only on emotion.

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