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Knights Cafe

HCA has partnered with Lane’s Catering to providing fresh & delicious chef prepared meals on campus for students, staff and parents alike.  Knight’s cafés lunches are designed to combine traditional and ethnic favorites with healthy balance meal choices.

Since Knight’s café will be preparing affordable, nutritious lunches daily, meals can be ordered up until the day before or in advance via an interactive online menu.


Grammar: $4.28
Middle & High School: $5.35

*lunch includes protein, sides, & drink

Check out the monthly menu for A la Carte options and pricing.

How To Order Lunch

First, click on this link to create an account. The online program works much like a college meal card. Parents can load money in any increment into their child’s online account by credit card or check made out to Lane’s Catering. Through their account, parents will be able to review and maintain what their child orders at lunch every day. It is also possible to put restrictions on a child’s ordering choices, such as allergies or desserts. As a courtesy, balance reminders will be emailed each week for accounts that have $10.00 or less.
The parent page will provide detailed instructions for registering, adding students, and depositing money into lunch accounts. Please feel free to call Heather Lane at 828-234-0505 with any questions or needs.

As with any online system, there is a credit card processing fee. For $50 and under it is a flat $1.90 per transaction and for anything above that it is 2.9% plus $0.30. The processing fee for $100 is then $3.20 for a total of $103.20 . However, all fees can be avoided by writing a check.